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Dedicated to Bosson..
a great lyricist, composer, singer, producer and a wonderful person..


Bosson's songs always inspire me with all my creative work. Specially with my poetry. This is my effort to show my appreciation for a great artist and the best lyricist I ever know..

I don't know how but each and every song of Bosson catches my heart. It's so amazing how they can always uplift my mood. And the lyrics so meaningful, I always used to relate them to my self. And i can remember the all the lyrics as well. Every song of Bosson's have a unique tune. so wonderful and catchy.
My most favourite song is 'Beautiful'.. actually I love all of them. There ain't a single song I don't like. I listen them everyday.
I hope one day he'll do a concert in Sri Lanka..


What's New?

Bosson released his new album 'Future´s Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today' on 2007-06-11  

13/07/2008 - Added lyrics 'Futures's Gone Life is Here Today'

13/07/2008 - Added audio 'The Right Time'

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One in a million
I need love
What if I
Run away with you
One of a kind