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Bosson a.k.a. Staffan Olsson


Two years ago, Bosson released his second album ”One in a million”. Two years of extreme focus on him as an international artist and a lot of promotional work for the mega hit ”One in a million” has passed. This last year has been tough, trying to find inspiration to write songs again and with many hours in the studio. Now it’s time to release the third album ”Rockstar”. The first single is ”You Opened my Eyes”.

Bosson, Staffan Olsson, has experienced much more than many other Swedish pop stars. ”One in a million” was chosen to be the lead music theme for the movie ”Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock. She personally called him and invited him to the set in Austin, Texas. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and standing on the red carpet on the gala he realized how far his music had taken him. The hard work as a writer and producer finally paid off. And what a result! ”One in a million” became a top 10 hit in Europe and Asia; he has toured with Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears and has played for more than 70 000 people in the audience. He has also written songs for Amy Grant and the famous guitarist Al Di Miola.

Bosson lived in a whirlwind of attention, celeb photographers and hysterical fans. But after a couple of years in the limelight, he needed to take a brake.
- I needed to slow down for a while. I was so worn out by the extreme attention. I travelled away alone for a while. I needed to be by myself and to find some inspiration.
It’s hard to be introvert when your natural personality is extreme extrovert. Bosson stepped out of the celebrity life and soon found inspiration and energy to write again.

Last autumn he started his work with ”Rockstar”. The album has taken took its time to develop. He doesn’t want to release something that feels unfinished, just to please his fans.
- I didn’t want to do a follow up just to be sure nobody forgets about me. It’s not the way I work with my music.
By being involved in all of the songs on ”Rockstar”, Bosson proves that he is a very good songwriter and producer. Years of training by the computer and the mixer have made him a very talented music creator.
After a year of hard work in the studio, Bosson and Peter Boström, who produced ”One in a million”, finally could finish Rockstar. With an album where every song is strong enough to be a single, Bosson hopes to reach the same success as with ”One in a million”.

Bosson formed his deep interest for music in the 80’s. It felt natural for him to produce ”Rockstar” in the same manner. The naked pop sound is very visual. Bosson makes music as pop sounded back at the 80’s with a lot of energy in the songs.

Some critics say that his music is to commercial to have a deeper meaning but that is a too simple way to reject his lyrics. Bosson describes his music as a symbol for ”naive” feelings, and the songs do have a deep meaning. He wants people to feel a connection with the music. The songs can be about everything from love, every day situations, six years old niece Noa, a non accepted love affair between people with different religious believes, to the feelings when someone you love pass away. It’s a good thing when people can feel that they are not alone with their feelings. Thousands of e-mails and letters from fans prove that.

”Rockstar” continues where ”One in a million” ends.
An album full of addictive hits.